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Reply Lenna
8:16 AM on August 19, 2017 
hello I want to learn about werewolfs.
Reply zilver
5:11 AM on July 9, 2017 
nice! finally found one. well i like to meet supernatural creature, and werewolf is the second one.
Reply Brandon
9:26 AM on January 1, 2017 
I've been thinking long and hard about the aspects of being a werewolf and what it might change in my life and how it could not. And I'm pretty positive becoming a werewolf would make an Interesting life to have. Currently Im in the midst of metamorphic transformation and we kindly at this point take a Deep bite to the neck if that was the only way to at least become some lesser form of one. When I Transform... If I transform... I am Aaqil.
Reply SilverWolf
11:16 AM on December 5, 2016 
im sorry but u pups are so funny. i sholdnt laugh because it kind of took a while to be aproved too. i mean it feels likea while but its really not
Reply SilverWolf
11:14 AM on December 5, 2016 
Free roamer says...
no not like the show. i mean i am a teenager, well 17 and a wolf. lol.

Teen wolf? the show or what
Reply SilverWolf
11:13 AM on December 5, 2016 
Josh Fish says...
I have a question is it possible for someone to be part wolf but doesn't shift
no that would be a therian if I am reading this correctly, simply they in another life were an animal or something like that. but if you are just meaning physical shifting, and you can aura shift spirit shift etc. I guess but those can be misconstrued into therian as well i would just stay cautious.

uuh yeah josh fish...? yeah it is possible. u can the instincs but not the shifting part.
Reply Free roamer
6:17 PM on October 12, 2016 
MadHattris says...
im a teen wolf. with black fur and a silver tear drop on my left arm

Teen wolf? the show or what
Reply Free roamer
6:16 PM on October 12, 2016 
nate thunderwolf says...
i am a timber wolf with gold orange and green i am a male and i am a teen wolf

Teen wolf? in that one show?
Reply Free roamer
6:16 PM on October 12, 2016 
Fangs says...
Oh and full moon dosent do shit

The moon has an effect on all things
Reply Potential
8:04 AM on October 7, 2016 
I wanna be a werewolf lol