When a werewolf gets sick

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It's been a while since I wrote on this site. To be honest, it's been a while since I've been "active" on this site in general. I hope no one takes it that I don't care or that I've given up, as I just get really busy. I'm starting to do more journalism, and that combined with my school schedule leaves me with just enough time to take a shower every night. (And sometimes I don't even get that. Yeah, it's that bad...)

One of the reasons why I can be absent though is because I can trust that everyone won't go ape-shit every time I step out to get a  breather. I'm not saying that this site has a buddy-buddy community where everyone is holding hands and singing the theme song to Attack on Titan (Because, whatever), and this site has had its drama moments, but for the most part you're all pretty cool. It's one of the benefits of having a non-hierarchy site, IMO, as everyone has an equal opinion and can speak their mind. I love discussion that can be done with total respect.

Now to talk about why I was absent:


Sorry, I was planning for it to be more dramatic than that. Maybe a, "Szayel was out gathering info on a new clan of werewolf hunters while creating a draft for his next movie." That would be nice. Then I could legitimately have an excuse for my absence(s).

In truth, the most dramatic thing that happened to me was that I got sick with strep. Which is funny because I had totally forgot that yes, I, Szayel, can indeed get sick. The last time I got this sick was when I was a young kid, and ironically it was from the same thing. I don't remember it being such a pain in the ass though...

The pain pills didn't work, so unless I was dumping them by the bottle, I got to enjoy first hand what a bunch of small-mouthed little shits called "bacteria" can do to your tonsils. Fuck you bacteria.

After I recovered from being sick, one interesting thing that happened was that I seemed to move to a new "phase" in my werwolfism; this is another reason why I have been absent lately.

I'm at the point now, where I completely accept, if not mostly understand my werewolfism. It's like, I have my usual depressing feelings about being isolated from the people around me because of what--who-- I am, but I am no longer affected by them.

In fact, it's sort of comforting. With clarity comes confidence. I don't feel like I "need" to go out and find other werewolves to relate to. If every werewolf died except for a special few ( ;) ) I honestly wouldn't be too devastated. It would be like, "Eh, at least I still have Chipotle."

Which I guess is wrong... but it's honest. I've moved from isolation to self-awareness. Maybe even instinct.

Le Viold Vampyre

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"Ok I am a queen of vampire to most of my followers. which I think is stupid cause I am only a person with so much on her mind. plus drinking blood is a thing I just do but I can do other things but its not easy. so yeah that what I have to write."


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"Okay, first things first. There's a pack out there who some of you may have heard of, hopefully not.
They call themselves the Pure Ones, the only "Pure Werewolves." About a year ago I was admitted into the pack and then cast out two months after because they said "I wasn't like them." Beware of this pack, I warn all of you. They overpower other packs and set things "the right way." DO NOT LISTEN!!!!!!!! THEY ALMOST KILLED MY MATE, WHO IS ONLY ALMOST 14 BECAUSE HE IS A CROSSBREED! Listen now as I tell you NOT to believe their lies and stories of a new "pure" era. Fight against it. They almost killed my David, and why will they stop there?!?!?!? There is no faking here, my friends. Say what you will but remember this; they are out there and they will kill ANYONE." (Original text)

Prepare the battleships! We've got...Zombies.

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I for one think this is pretty cool. The military training for a zombie apocalypse is the equivalent of a massive HvZ match.

vampire myths and facts

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 ok these are all the myths of vampires ive gathered up, and the facts.

* Garlic is dangerous to when it comes to vampires

uh, duh! everyone knows that after you get a whiff of a vampires breath after he/she just ate some garlic cheese chicken, and ZAP! dead. you've been warned =D. no im jk. vampire is completely harmless to most vamps

* Vampires can not  see their reflection in the mirror.

NOT TRUE, they can easily see there reflection, and i don't know who was stupid enough to come up with this myth.

*Real vampires are undead

I guess i would totaly rethink on my love for pwning zombies then....

*Vampires can only drink blood/ die if they don't

No, they just get noticably weaker and they CAN eat " human" food

*vampires are aliens


*vampires burst into flames upon sunlight

No that would be hilarious, but not true, vampires are just more sensitive than usual

*vampires are rock hard and stone cold(twilight)

No way is that true, there is a possiblity that their body temp is a little lower than humans......

  *A vampire need to be invited to walk into a place

that would be WAY to obvious in the modern day? could you imagine a vampire asking if he could come inside his jobplace everyday?

Well, thats all the myths for now. I will definetly update this blog every once and a while, if you have any myths tell me! i could use them. Also i have some OLD blogs that you could check out, just go to the blogs page and scroll down till you see "older blogs". Signing out


werewolf myths

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there are TONS of werewolf myths out there but the question is, are they true? and if so which ones? lets see.....



* you can become a werewolf by drinking out of a wolf puddle or a river that a wolfs been in*


 while his is not only unsanitary while it is disgusting, it is not true. great for dares though. =)


*you can kill a werewolf with a silver bullet*



yes this myth is true, i really dont want to get into "how to kill a werewolf" here( totaly crushing dissapointment for ww hunters7 haters) but i have to say this. silver bullets will not kill you because they are silver they'll kill you because they are bullets. bullets in general kill things. try to stay away from them.


*having sex with a werewolf will turn you into one*



 not true while everyone can guess, werewolfs generally have HUGE dic---drumsticks, having sex with a werewolf will not turn you into a werewolf but could bring in the possiblity of a ww child


 *the use of magic spells and riturals can turn you into a werewolf*


i want to say no, but my knowledge with that type of stuff , unfortunately, is very low. and i have heard rumors of people becoming werewolfs through magic.....

ok i have to go but i promise to put some more myths and facts when i get the chance bye.