Elemental Discovery (water lightning)

Posted by Star 2.0 on May 6, 2013 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)
I've found a way to create lightning (in my case static electricity) with water "bending". I'll keep you posted, but it's very theoretical right now... And unstable

On the Topic of Elements

Posted by Halfmoon on March 20, 2013 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (8)

Lately I have been wondering what my element was (used to think it was water), and couldnt quite figure it out. I asked my friend Szayel, and he thought it was water/fire, but I wasnt to sure about that. I fealt like that I had all atributes to each element and it was confusing on which one I was specifacally. Then, about yesterday, I was sitting in my Human Geo class when I decided too ask myself specific questions on specific topics. To make it short, it drastically helped on making it clear on what element I am. 

So todayI thought I would post the questions I came up with, to see if anyone wanted to know what element they are.Feel free to leave the answers in the comments if you still need help, although you most likely wont. I am also free for any messages  if you want to keep it more private, even though I am a complete stranger to most of you. 

1.Do you take any particular interest in any element? If so why?

2.What season of the year is you favorite, and why?

3.What do you take interest in? Why?

4.Suppose you have been working on a project for quite awhile, and did your very best on. When you go to turn it it the peson says "I dont like it, try harrder." How do you react, and feel?

5.Are you emotional? No need to feel embaressed for I can be emoitnal at times, too.

6.Do you like to argue?  I so why? I know I do when it comes to science and philoshophy.

7.Do you tend to get along with everyone, or specific people? Why?

8. What do you see yourself in ten to fifteen years?

Try to be as detailed as possible, no yes/no answers. Also if commentating or messaging try to be as honest as you can. As always, take it easy.

                                                      Sincerly, Halfmoon

"When life gives you lemons, thank it, for some dont ever get to have lemons"


N.W: Earth

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N.W: Forest Fires

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Nature's Wrath Blog (Water Spouts!)

Posted by Szayel on February 27, 2013 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (14)

This is just a little project blog that I thought I could start. I'm just going to post weekly videos or pictures of chaotic weather that I find on the internet. It will be a way to ensure that I will stay tied to the blogging, and who doesn't like watching nature wreck havoc?