Water Lightning

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Right this is only useful if you can do some Atmoskenesis (weather manipulation). First, meditate for about 20 minutes on storms and how ice forms. Now feel the gravity and pull of the earth. Feel the energy that flows around and in you. Now focus on making ice crystals form above a cloud. Pump this ice with energy. Next pull the ice towards the ground at a rapid pace. Attempt as little acceleration as possible. Now also form larger ice crystals at the BACE of the cloud. Now have both ice collide with each other at high speeds, and at the same time release energy into the center of the cloud. If done right, the high speed collisions of ice in the cloud will cause intense friction and static electricity to form. The release of your energy into that static will intensify the affects. [WARNING] lighting either by water or fire if VERY dangerous. Keep grounded while attempting to perform this technique. Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions.

Elemental Discovery (water lightning)

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I've found a way to create lightning (in my case static electricity) with water "bending". I'll keep you posted, but it's very theoretical right now... And unstable

Earth "Bending" Guide 1

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I should have put this up a lot sooner, but I was being my usual, lazy-assed self.

OK, here we go. The reason why I want to teach Earth manipulators this stance is because it builds upon your foundation and endurance (like I briefly mentioned before). Besides doing that, however, this stance has a much deeper effect. It teaches you through pain and discomfort to stand strong and to keep pushing--something that Earth manipulators absolutely need to learn. You, unlike other elements, are not made to bend your will for anything that doesn't rip it from your iron-like grasp. You are the element which reigns over all the other elements with your intimidating power. How are you going to move the Earth if you can't even hold up yourself for 3 minutes? You can't.

Earth manipulators need to be this direct, this piercing when it comes to Energy manipulation, because you are the ones who have to manipulate the greatest mass out of all the elements. I'm confident this will help develop that mindset for you, and you'll be able to become a great manipulator.

Water "Bending" Guide 2: Push and Pull

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Now water deals with constant flow. Which means you must be in a state of flow as well. Concentrate on having your energy flow through your body (chuckras) and not stop the flow. Now allow your emotions to flow. Now pour energy into a water source, and try to fuse it with the water Now try to make the energy come back to you, and then away from you. Eventually, you should see some waves, even if small. Eventually you'll be able to create significant waves, draw water far inland, ect. This takes practice

Fire "Bending" Guide 1

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Additional Notes:

*The video cut off at the end, but I wasn't able to make the flame bigger, lol.

*Remember to cover your face a bit. You should be able to exahale as hard as you can without it making the flames flicker. After you make sure that your airstream is effectively blocked, continue with the guide.

*Try not to touch the candle(s). Not only can you get burned, but you could mislead yourself into thinking that you are manipulating the element when you're not.

*Any tips, questions, or future guide ideas? Please voice them in the comment section!

Please Read If You Know Pyrokenesis

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Lately I have been emailing 3 people about Hydrokinesis and teaching them about energy, meditation, ect. Lately one of my "pupils", Khalil, decided she rather learn Pyrokenisis. Now I don't have hardly any background for that practice, so now I ask: Can you do Pyrokenisis? What is your success in Pyrokenisis? What do you know about Pyrokenisis? Also, please PM me if you want to personally email Khalil with details of your fire ability. Thanks.

Water "Bending" Guide 1

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Sorry about the delay, I've had a lot of stuff come up lately. This blog is going to go without a video because it consists of things that would be easier to tell you than show you. What's cool about water and wind manipulators is that we control the skies. We are the only two elements that are able to affect weather, and that is what I'll be teaching you today. Before you even start to try to control the weather, it is important that you get a efficient description of what the weather will be for the rest of the week. To do this, all you have to do is go online and Google your local forecast. You're not helping yourself if you think you summon rain only to find out it was going to rain the next day anyway.

Once you have viewed what your local forecast is, and you are sure that there won't be any variables affecting your practice, find someplace quiet to sit (preferably outside). You will want to sit in a meditative fashion, and breathe deeply. YOUR BREATHING IS THE KEY. Make sure that you have long, precise breaths. The better you breathe, especially for water manipulators, the better your Energy control.

Here's the hard part. Once you have your breathing under control and your breathing is focused, disperse your Energy into a fine mist as far out as you can. As you are doing this, you also need to kinda "zone-out." It's hard to explain, but you should feel like the very back of your mind is connected to the sky and you are in control. This visualization helps connects your Energy to the sky in real life, and your since your Energy is in a mist-like state, it will condensate in the air and cause rain, etc.

Like the last blog, practice this as much as you can. Not only is this a basic technique, it is essential to learning how to create even stronger storms and weather. If you have any questions or tips please leave them in comments below. I'll answer them when I get back.

Wind "Bending" Guide 1

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Please watch the entire video! Also, I will have more videos soon!

Additional Notes:

*In the video I didn't really get down into my stances. It was partly because of laziness and partly because of, lol, laziness. Manipulating your Energy takes inner-strength! Treat this like a martial art! No pain, no gain.

*When you step forward, step forward like you are moving inside your opponent's guard. You are a gust that blows past any defense and then strikes with precision.

*Be careful not to step on the candle! Always look down and take your time! I'm not liable for any injuries involved with attempts to do this.

*Try to put out all the wicks (Or just one if you have a singular candle) after you get the hang of this. Don't expect results right away.

(Cool video)