Daily Werewolf Progressions

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As usual, I haven't wrote a new blog entry in forever. I've been going through some tough stuff lately, and when you couple that with AP courses it's hard to take what I want to say and gather the time to put it all into a blog.

But I'm here now, and I'm writing, so let's just jump into it. The first thing I want to address is the whole new controversy on a "shifting age." People have been going around claiming that there is a certain age a person has to be before he/she can handle the "toll" of shifting, and it's got a lot of people worried that they're going to die if they attempt to shift too early.

I would like to say here and now that nobody is going to die from attempting to shift at a young age. I just turned 17, and I've already shifted several times in my life without dying. Does that mean that shifting comes without risks? Of course not. All of my shifts were pretty dangerous and unstable, so in that sense I guess there is the possibility of death. I wouldn't say that shifting too young is going to kill you though; shifting is what weres are meant to do, and the earlier it's started the better. Putting senseless fear into younger weres doesn't help anybody.

The next thing I would like to address is less factual and more courtesy-wise. A lot of people new to the supernatural community tend to ask werewolves or even vampires if we would turn them. While I understand that not being human anymore seems alluring (and let's be honest, it is. There's a reason the superantural is called the supernatural), constantly pestering us with demands to be turned gets annoying. From our perspective, why would we travel across the country to bite some (most likely) underage stranger? If you really want to meet a werewolf or vampire for that kind of purpose, you're going to have to shut off your computer and do some late night treking. I'm not liable for whatever happens, but as a werewolf myself I can gaurantee you that you'll make the most progress finding someone to bite you offline. I'm a creature of the night. And if you're lucky enough-- or unlucky-- maybe we'll cross paths. Stop expecting everything to be laid in your lap via the courtesy of the internet.

The last thing I'm going to mention is actually directed towards weres. It's pretty simple: stop limiting yourselves. Instead of always asking questions, just go out and try to shift more. If something hinders your shifting then just take note of it and experiment. Stop expecting every other werewolf to have answers for something that should already be deeply personal. I see a lot of people trying to push these limitations such as the previously mention "shifting age" and other things such as how big a shifter can get. It's almost pointless. Shifting already defies science, so when it comes to progressing at it, why limit yourself? I think this problem actually stems from werewolf communities. If you have, let's say 50 people who have shifted using only a specific method of shifting and that's all they know, then of course it's going to seem like that's the only sure-fire way to shift.

But think of it this way. Let's say there are a million shifters on the world (bear with me). If only 50 of them shift a certain way, is that really the defining method for shifting? Of course not. It just seems like it because the werewolf community is so.... fragmented. That's why when people ask me things about werewolfism now I kinda hesitate before responding. Granted, certain things about werewolfism are pretty black and white, but like I said there's simply so much that isn't known. Before you sit back and call someone a poser, think about that.

Anyway's, that's it. I hope this helped.

Philosophy Friday 4

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Thanks for reminding me it was Friday! @Dextronious Right then. I've been doing a fair amount of research on psychic abilities lately, and I got to wondering: If an individual is blessed with a special ability, it it their duty to help those around them? We often see superheroes in DC, Marvel, or other comic series and universes and most of them once realizing they have a gift that they should give back to the community. I for one think that if I got my Atmokinesis to a complete control, I would try everything I could to help others with it. I'm aware that probably a vast majority on this site has an ability manifestation that they know about. Do you think that because you have the talent that's its your duty to help others? The argument to this I suppose would be: everyone has a right to choose freely what they do with their lives. It's not the place of society to force or pressure special individuals to serve them. So here's the scenario: You have just manifested and fully realized a psychic ability of your choice (and its a long list). You can do anything possible with your new ability now. How do you choose to use it?

Philosophy Friday 3

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So I was looking around the a philosophy forum to find a cool topic, and found this:


 "Is it better to be a live coward or a dead hero?"


Here is what They think:



"One can pointlessly face danger so one can be or seem tough or brave. (I call that self-destructive pseudo-toughness.) But that's not generally what is meant by heroism. Similarly, choosing not to face danger when facing the danger is more harmful than not is generally not what is meant by cowardice. I think cowardice generally refers to people who make harmful decisions out of fear. Heroes are generally people like firefighters who overcome their natural fear of fire when they can see it is worth the risk. Of course, we are more prone to use the word heroism when we feel the brave decision is especially compassionate. We are more prone to use the word cowardice when the fearful decision is especially selfish.



Anyway, regarding my own personal values, I generally prefer to stay alive. Of course, I would choose to die or risk dying if doing it would have results that I want more than choosing to live. For example, if I saw an innocent 3-year-old girl playing in the street about to be hit by a car, and for the sake of simplicity let's say I know that either I have to let her die or kill myself to save her, of course I would choose to save her. Who wouldn't?"


| -Scott... From some forum

What do you think? Is it better to live as a coward or die as a hero?

I would like think that I would give my life for any innocent individual. But when push comes to shove... Would I really be able to? 

It takes a special kind of person to be a martyr.


What do you guys think? Live a Coward, or die a Heros death?

Philosophy Friday 2

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So I was looking on the internets for a neat topic for this Friday, and I came accross this 

Why is there all this stuff in the universe, and why is it governed by such exquisitely precise laws?


And why should anything exist at all?


We inhabit a universe with such things as spiral galaxies, the aurora borealis, and SpongeBob Squarepants.

And as Sean Carroll notes,

"Nothing about modern physics explains why we have these laws rather than some totally different laws, although physicists sometimes talk that way — a mistake they might be able to avoid if they took philosophers more seriously."

And as for the philosophers, the best that they can come up with is the anthropic principle — the notion that our particular universe appears the way it does by virtue of our presence as observers within it — a suggestion that has an uncomfortably tautological ring to it.

-George Dvorsky


Does this mean that the universe's entire existance only matter because it was able to create beings to think about itself? And what if we never existed. What if sentience didn't exist. What would the point of the universe be?


Then why do we exist at all? Simply to bring justification to the existance if the universe?

What's Déjà vu? | Prophetic Dreaming

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Ever get that feeling that you've experienced something before?


Déjà vu as slang is thinking you recognize a simple word, person, or situation. That's just having something "at the tip of your toungue".

But that's not really what Déjà Vu is

True Déjà vu is the result of having a prophetic dream. 

I didn't realize this untill I actually had a prophetic dream.

In the dream, I was in the orchestra room. There's a student (we'll call her Jen for identiy sake) who always uses a mute on her violin, and it was always a joke that we'd steal it one day.

so I hear her voice "...I don't give a fuck, it's not your fucking place to touch my fucking stuff"

and then the leader of the bass section going "yeahhh... It was funny the first few times, but now..."

and then the guy who nicked her mute going "what? I can't hear you!" (Mute joke).


i woke up to this seemingly trivial dream, but for some reason it stuck with me for a week.

eventually, I forgot about it.


A month goes by, and we just finished an orchestra concert. We were in the orchestra room, packing our instruments, when for some reason I thought of that random dream again. 5 minutes later, I see/hear the exact same conversation that I dreamt WHILE the dream was playing in my head.


I experienced such a strong feeling of Déjà Vul that I actually couldn't walk straight. I stumbled into a few stands, and then sat down in a state of disbelief.


To summarize: Déjà Vu is the result of having prophetically dreamt the exact same series of events once before. This mean, if you have experienced a strong déjà vu, you have a prophetic dream before, and you have the potential to do it again.

I'm serious when I say this; Keep a dream diary/journal. You never know if your seemingly useless dream isn't predicting trategy or fortune for you.

No, Therians are not the same as werewolves

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I was talking to Arcover last night, and one topic that we came across was relationship between the Therian community and the term "werewolf." We talked about it pretty briefly, but we both agreed that werewolves and Therians are not the same. Since I have some spare time, I figured now would be a great time to really delve into the topic of werewolves and Therians, especially since the Teen Wolf poser rush will happen any day now.

For one, Therians and werewolves are not the same thing. At all. Therians are regular humans (I hate using the term human because it makes me sound like an elitist snob, but whatever) that are spiritually connected to an animal. Now because the phrase "an animal" can refer to any animal, it is definitely possible for Wolf Therians to exist-- but even then they are not real werewolves. Because they are only spiritually connected to their animal, they cannot P-shift (Physical shift) like weres can.

Now some Therians might say, "Well, we're the closest things to werewolves or were-creatures in reality, so we might as well be called the same thing!" My response to that? Get over yourselves. I know this might ruffle up a couple of feathers on the Therian community, but I think it's more insulting to actual weres when Therians try to claim that were-creatures aren't real and that they should be considered weres instead. Just because you're complacent with your own self-limits and and shifting system doesn't mean that it is the same thing for everyone else. Werewolves/were-creatures aren't just regular people with animalistic connections; we are literally part animal. We have physical attributes that make us what we are, unlike Therians, and we also have a huge amount of raw Energy that we can store and use (even if it takes difficulty in doing so). Some Therians also try to say that P-shifting (Physical) is impossible, which is perfectly true.

For Therians. Again, werewolves and Therians are simply not on the same level. A Therian cannot shift because a Therian is just an average human with an animal spirit. That may be hard to hear for some people, but that's just how it is. Arcover once said somewhere that Therians and werewolves are treading totally different paths from each other, which is extremely precise. I do believe that some Therians may have a tiny amount of were genes in their body, and we may have once be very similar in the distant past, (as shown in my Werewolf Three Theory blog) but not enough for them to be distinguised as a true were-creature.

Unfortunately, many werewolves tend to get bogged down in the Therian community, and I think that is why the werewolf community is how it is now. Being a werewolf is hard enough, and when you have dozens of people online saying that what you are is impossible, it becomes really easy to accept their claims. Werewolves who may have just discovered themselves are pushed away from even attempting to progress, and they are tricked into believing something they are not. It's pretty depressing, but that's why I am here. My job is to educate people on werewolves so that eventually these misconceptions can be put to rest. It's a long hill to climb, but I'm willing to do it.


P.S: If you have any questions or comments, please post them below! I can use your input to update the blog if need be.

The new key to P-shifting

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Sorry about my recent absences on this site. Sometimes I get really busy, and communicating with others in general is difficult. I will be more active.

During these past couple of days, weeks maybe, I have begun to realize something extremely important about P-shifting or shifting in general. This realization was unearthed during a conversation with Arcover, but now that I think about it--anytime I think about it-- my intuition screams at me that this is something I have not only known this entire time but is also the stepping stone to many of my questions.

It is the key to P-shifting.

Now I know that some of you are thinking, "How can you base this off of your intuition? Isn't that against what this site is about?" It is true that I'm basing this off of intuition, and that isn't exactly a foundamental science, but I know deep down that this feeling is something important. It is the same feeling that makes my fingers tremble with excitement even as I type out this blog post. If I were to be so bold, I could compare this feeling to that of Alexander Flemming when he discovered the key to what we now know of as penicillin. That feeling of, "Wait, maybe I should investigate this little further; it could be important" gut feeling.

This feeling that I have, it's because I think there is another, much more effiecient, way to shifting. Before, my only two ways to P-shifting were meditation and extreme emotions such as anger, sorrow, or even vibrant happiness. The meditation route, as seen by my somewhat popular "Shifting Trials," was a safe, productive way to the path of shifting, but unfortunately it reaped little results. Whenever I tried to shift through meditation, it just felt like I couldn't gather enough focus nor Energy. It felt like I wasn't making progress as quickly as I would like, and eventually I abandoned the trials while I soul-searched for a better method.

The only other method I knew at the time, however, was the second one: extreme emotion. That way of shifting was almost guaranteed to get me the results I wanted, but the process was so hard to replicate that I really couldn't put it on camera even if I wanted to. Those moments were the most pathetic, gut-wretching moments of my life. I didn't want to replicate that for the whole world to see.

That left me with no options. I couldn't use extreme emotions, nor could I use meditation. So what happens then?

I explore the woods surrounding my new neighborhood with my younger brother. Almost every day of the summer, we spend our time venturing off into a part of the area that was unknown to us until we were satisfied with the knowledge that we had explored every inch of it. During those many voyages, my brother and I came across various wildlife. The wildlife that stuck out at me, though, was the deer. Almost like an itch in my head, I couldn't figure out why I was so annoyed with the deer. My brother and I would sometimes chase them, but after the chase came to a end I would always feel the same:

"Where are their predators?"

It's an odd question to think about, much more to write, but nontheless it kept popping into my head. I realized that the reason I was so bothered, obssessed maybe, about the deer was because my predatoral instincts as a werewolf kicked in. I wasn't chasing these deer for fun, I was chasing them because I wanted to catch them. I wanted to hunt them.

No, I'm not talking about hunting them as in "Game and rifle," but as in a true, 1 vs 1 game of combat. I wanted to get some of my favorite premodern combat weapons ( and engage the dear. If they could beat me, they won--lived--and if I beat them then they lost--died. Nothing personal about it, just rugged, harsh fact.

I realized that this feeling brought me closer to shifting than almost all the other methods I had ever tried before. Just the thought of it was enough to send me spiralling into a delicious M-shift.

And it still does. I have discovered the third way to P-shift, and probably the most effective way, hence me calling it the "key." In order for me to unlock my shifting abilities, I need to engage myself against wildlife prey and hunt them. Trying to sit down on the floor criss-cross-applesauce is not going to get me to shift, this is. That is probably why the second method of shifting, extreme emotions, allows me to shift so easily because it stems from the emotional high of pursuing your prey. Maybe in the future I'll be able to sit down and shift through meditation, but I know that right now I simply do not have that ability. I have come to terms with my werewolfism mentally; now I need to come to terms with it physically. I may not be able to put it into a pretty little box perfect for analyzing and observing just yet, but I know deep down that I must take this leap of faith in order to get to that point of putting werewolfism into an objective light.

That's all that I have to say so far about my recent relevation. I'm sorry for not cutting to the chase sooner in my blog, but I felt like I needed to really paint my feelings on this one. This new way of shifting excites me, and I can't wait to share with all of you my progress.


My family was slain by a werewolf pack and other important shit

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My family really wasn't slain by a werewolf pack, but I know that many of you must think that I have some kind of deep-seated grudge against werewolf packs. Maybe I wanted to be in one, and I got roughly declined. Maybe I wanted my own and could never manage the time. Mabye they just stole my favorite Beyblade when I was a kid, and I never got over it.

I will assure you that this is not the case. While I do have a sort of Harrison Bergeron campaign going on against werewolf packs on this site, it is not for any personal reasons. I promise. The reason why I am so against the talk of packs is because, well, people advertise their packs. In my honest opinion, packs should not be a thing that should be shown off across the interwebs as some sort of supernatural-trophy. Not only is it insulting to people who are actually dedicated to their packs, it is also counterproductive to the whole idea of a "pack." Do you see wolves going around flashing off their pack status to as many other wolves as they can? Do they come back from a nice hunt and howl, "Lol, look at us we have so many pack members!!!11! Beware other packs! We're taking ur moose!"

Of course not. So why does it seem like every Sally and John has a werewolf pack that they just can't wait to show off? Werewolf packs are meant to be a family, and while I don't know about you, I'm rather reluctant to have an obnoxiously large family-- I can barely stand them as it is already sometimes.

Which brings me to another point: What happened to those popular internet packs that everyone was so fond of to join?

I'm talking about sites like Razgriz. Last I heard, it crashed and burned because of stupid internet drama and is currently recuperating from the plague we know as posers. That just goes to show that internet packs are NOT good for legit, progressive werewolf sites. They tend to create unnecessary drama and take away from the focus at hand. I refuse to let my site end up like that.

Now that I have finished explaining why I don't allow packs on this site (bar a specified forum discussion) I would like to talk about some other stuff that has been on my mind. I have decided to start up with my werewolf research, and I am going to put together another werewolf survey. I really dislike doing surveys because they are statistic based, and we all know what they say about statistics (80% of statistics say that statistics are worthless) since a topic like werewolves is kinda hard to put in survey format, but It's not like I have any other options at the moment, and I'm not going to sit here and dwindle my thumbs while I wait for more concrete information. Progress is progress.

And with this, I end my first true blog in a while.

My werewolf dilemma

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I recently was asked the question of if I had "given" up werewolfism. I was kinda shocked at first, because to me that is an absurd notion--that I, Szayel, could give up being a werewolf. But as I thought more and more about it, I couldn't blame the person for asking me that question. While I think about being a werewolf and just usual werewolf stuff everyday, I often don't voice my thoughts as much as I used to. I guess the reason why is because I feel like many people just don't get it; they're posers; they're not mature enough to comprehend what I'm saying, etc. There are other reasons too, but those are the main ones.

That being said, I'm not EVER "giving up" my werewolfism or my quest to further common knowledge about werewolves and the supernatural. I know that some people tend to fall into the trap of, "Oh, I'm just going to ignore my werewolf side and basically pretend to be human," but that isn't something that I  can personally can do. Like I said earlier, I think--feel--my werewolf heritage in me everyday. It is apart of who I am, and though I may be getting more comfortable with the thought of it, I still have much more to discover. Sometimes I just get busy, and I am not able to get on here as much as I would like, but I still keep a watchful eye over what happens.

Now on to my next thought. I think I intimidate others. I know that sounds kinda stupid to say; I'm a werewolf, so why wouldn't I intimidate others? But I feel like there is something more to it. Like, it's as if people see something in me, and they know that underneath this extremely complex person is something even more complex and confounding.

I can't put my finger on the reason why I come off like this, but I think it is important to who I am as a person and werewolf. Many things are moving into place right now, and I guess I just need some time to reflect on them. I'm past the years of 6th grade drama, where everything about the supernatural seemed like a revelation.

Anyway... that's it for now. Hopefully I can come back to this and elucidate what I mean.

Site update

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I know the site has been kinda dead lately, and I apologize for not keeping on top of things as I usually do. I am moving into a different place on Thursday, and HSA's (High School Assessments) are coming up. All this is temporary though, and once it is over I'll be up to my usual crazy stuff.