Philosophy Friday 4

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Thanks for reminding me it was Friday! @Dextronious Right then. I've been doing a fair amount of research on psychic abilities lately, and I got to wondering: If an individual is blessed with a special ability, it it their duty to help those around them? We often see superheroes in DC, Marvel, or other comic series and universes and most of them once realizing they have a gift that they should give back to the community. I for one think that if I got my Atmokinesis to a complete control, I would try everything I could to help others with it. I'm aware that probably a vast majority on this site has an ability manifestation that they know about. Do you think that because you have the talent that's its your duty to help others? The argument to this I suppose would be: everyone has a right to choose freely what they do with their lives. It's not the place of society to force or pressure special individuals to serve them. So here's the scenario: You have just manifested and fully realized a psychic ability of your choice (and its a long list). You can do anything possible with your new ability now. How do you choose to use it?

Philosophy Friday 2

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So I was looking on the internets for a neat topic for this Friday, and I came accross this 

Why is there all this stuff in the universe, and why is it governed by such exquisitely precise laws?


And why should anything exist at all?


We inhabit a universe with such things as spiral galaxies, the aurora borealis, and SpongeBob Squarepants.

And as Sean Carroll notes,

"Nothing about modern physics explains why we have these laws rather than some totally different laws, although physicists sometimes talk that way — a mistake they might be able to avoid if they took philosophers more seriously."

And as for the philosophers, the best that they can come up with is the anthropic principle — the notion that our particular universe appears the way it does by virtue of our presence as observers within it — a suggestion that has an uncomfortably tautological ring to it.

-George Dvorsky


Does this mean that the universe's entire existance only matter because it was able to create beings to think about itself? And what if we never existed. What if sentience didn't exist. What would the point of the universe be?


Then why do we exist at all? Simply to bring justification to the existance if the universe?

What's Déjà vu? | Prophetic Dreaming

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Ever get that feeling that you've experienced something before?


Déjà vu as slang is thinking you recognize a simple word, person, or situation. That's just having something "at the tip of your toungue".

But that's not really what Déjà Vu is

True Déjà vu is the result of having a prophetic dream. 

I didn't realize this untill I actually had a prophetic dream.

In the dream, I was in the orchestra room. There's a student (we'll call her Jen for identiy sake) who always uses a mute on her violin, and it was always a joke that we'd steal it one day.

so I hear her voice "...I don't give a fuck, it's not your fucking place to touch my fucking stuff"

and then the leader of the bass section going "yeahhh... It was funny the first few times, but now..."

and then the guy who nicked her mute going "what? I can't hear you!" (Mute joke).


i woke up to this seemingly trivial dream, but for some reason it stuck with me for a week.

eventually, I forgot about it.


A month goes by, and we just finished an orchestra concert. We were in the orchestra room, packing our instruments, when for some reason I thought of that random dream again. 5 minutes later, I see/hear the exact same conversation that I dreamt WHILE the dream was playing in my head.


I experienced such a strong feeling of Déjà Vul that I actually couldn't walk straight. I stumbled into a few stands, and then sat down in a state of disbelief.


To summarize: Déjà Vu is the result of having prophetically dreamt the exact same series of events once before. This mean, if you have experienced a strong déjà vu, you have a prophetic dream before, and you have the potential to do it again.

I'm serious when I say this; Keep a dream diary/journal. You never know if your seemingly useless dream isn't predicting trategy or fortune for you.

The new key to P-shifting

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Sorry about my recent absences on this site. Sometimes I get really busy, and communicating with others in general is difficult. I will be more active.

During these past couple of days, weeks maybe, I have begun to realize something extremely important about P-shifting or shifting in general. This realization was unearthed during a conversation with Arcover, but now that I think about it--anytime I think about it-- my intuition screams at me that this is something I have not only known this entire time but is also the stepping stone to many of my questions.

It is the key to P-shifting.

Now I know that some of you are thinking, "How can you base this off of your intuition? Isn't that against what this site is about?" It is true that I'm basing this off of intuition, and that isn't exactly a foundamental science, but I know deep down that this feeling is something important. It is the same feeling that makes my fingers tremble with excitement even as I type out this blog post. If I were to be so bold, I could compare this feeling to that of Alexander Flemming when he discovered the key to what we now know of as penicillin. That feeling of, "Wait, maybe I should investigate this little further; it could be important" gut feeling.

This feeling that I have, it's because I think there is another, much more effiecient, way to shifting. Before, my only two ways to P-shifting were meditation and extreme emotions such as anger, sorrow, or even vibrant happiness. The meditation route, as seen by my somewhat popular "Shifting Trials," was a safe, productive way to the path of shifting, but unfortunately it reaped little results. Whenever I tried to shift through meditation, it just felt like I couldn't gather enough focus nor Energy. It felt like I wasn't making progress as quickly as I would like, and eventually I abandoned the trials while I soul-searched for a better method.

The only other method I knew at the time, however, was the second one: extreme emotion. That way of shifting was almost guaranteed to get me the results I wanted, but the process was so hard to replicate that I really couldn't put it on camera even if I wanted to. Those moments were the most pathetic, gut-wretching moments of my life. I didn't want to replicate that for the whole world to see.

That left me with no options. I couldn't use extreme emotions, nor could I use meditation. So what happens then?

I explore the woods surrounding my new neighborhood with my younger brother. Almost every day of the summer, we spend our time venturing off into a part of the area that was unknown to us until we were satisfied with the knowledge that we had explored every inch of it. During those many voyages, my brother and I came across various wildlife. The wildlife that stuck out at me, though, was the deer. Almost like an itch in my head, I couldn't figure out why I was so annoyed with the deer. My brother and I would sometimes chase them, but after the chase came to a end I would always feel the same:

"Where are their predators?"

It's an odd question to think about, much more to write, but nontheless it kept popping into my head. I realized that the reason I was so bothered, obssessed maybe, about the deer was because my predatoral instincts as a werewolf kicked in. I wasn't chasing these deer for fun, I was chasing them because I wanted to catch them. I wanted to hunt them.

No, I'm not talking about hunting them as in "Game and rifle," but as in a true, 1 vs 1 game of combat. I wanted to get some of my favorite premodern combat weapons ( and engage the dear. If they could beat me, they won--lived--and if I beat them then they lost--died. Nothing personal about it, just rugged, harsh fact.

I realized that this feeling brought me closer to shifting than almost all the other methods I had ever tried before. Just the thought of it was enough to send me spiralling into a delicious M-shift.

And it still does. I have discovered the third way to P-shift, and probably the most effective way, hence me calling it the "key." In order for me to unlock my shifting abilities, I need to engage myself against wildlife prey and hunt them. Trying to sit down on the floor criss-cross-applesauce is not going to get me to shift, this is. That is probably why the second method of shifting, extreme emotions, allows me to shift so easily because it stems from the emotional high of pursuing your prey. Maybe in the future I'll be able to sit down and shift through meditation, but I know that right now I simply do not have that ability. I have come to terms with my werewolfism mentally; now I need to come to terms with it physically. I may not be able to put it into a pretty little box perfect for analyzing and observing just yet, but I know deep down that I must take this leap of faith in order to get to that point of putting werewolfism into an objective light.

That's all that I have to say so far about my recent relevation. I'm sorry for not cutting to the chase sooner in my blog, but I felt like I needed to really paint my feelings on this one. This new way of shifting excites me, and I can't wait to share with all of you my progress.


Water Lightning

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Right this is only useful if you can do some Atmoskenesis (weather manipulation). First, meditate for about 20 minutes on storms and how ice forms. Now feel the gravity and pull of the earth. Feel the energy that flows around and in you. Now focus on making ice crystals form above a cloud. Pump this ice with energy. Next pull the ice towards the ground at a rapid pace. Attempt as little acceleration as possible. Now also form larger ice crystals at the BACE of the cloud. Now have both ice collide with each other at high speeds, and at the same time release energy into the center of the cloud. If done right, the high speed collisions of ice in the cloud will cause intense friction and static electricity to form. The release of your energy into that static will intensify the affects. [WARNING] lighting either by water or fire if VERY dangerous. Keep grounded while attempting to perform this technique. Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions.

Elemental Discovery (water lightning)

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I've found a way to create lightning (in my case static electricity) with water "bending". I'll keep you posted, but it's very theoretical right now... And unstable

Philosophy Friday: #2

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So I just finished a chat with a friend of mine who is in England (note I live in USA). And it got me thinking. "Wow... What an age this is, where we have the ability for global communication. Instantly. If you think about it, it's actually quite new we can do this. With the emergence of the Internet, blogs, forums, chat rooms, social gaming... It can seem overwhelming that something we are so used to... Has only really took off in the last 40-50 years! So what if we suddenly lost everything that made global communication impossible? One simple word: Chaos... Really, it's a scary thought. I do t have much for this Friday, but I urge you to meditate (information on that in Chiron Jackel's meditation post in the energy topic in the forums). Have a good weekend werewolfs, vampires, therians, shape-shifters, and humans alike!

Earth "Bending" Guide 1

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I should have put this up a lot sooner, but I was being my usual, lazy-assed self.

OK, here we go. The reason why I want to teach Earth manipulators this stance is because it builds upon your foundation and endurance (like I briefly mentioned before). Besides doing that, however, this stance has a much deeper effect. It teaches you through pain and discomfort to stand strong and to keep pushing--something that Earth manipulators absolutely need to learn. You, unlike other elements, are not made to bend your will for anything that doesn't rip it from your iron-like grasp. You are the element which reigns over all the other elements with your intimidating power. How are you going to move the Earth if you can't even hold up yourself for 3 minutes? You can't.

Earth manipulators need to be this direct, this piercing when it comes to Energy manipulation, because you are the ones who have to manipulate the greatest mass out of all the elements. I'm confident this will help develop that mindset for you, and you'll be able to become a great manipulator.

Philosophy Friday: #1

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When you get down to it. We are on a constant fight to BE in this world. Social Status, Religious Intolerance,what is hip... And what is scorned. Who are we? Is there a greater purpose of us? And if so, how could we know?... A fish that swims in a river could think he knows his destiny... But he couldn't know the destiny of the river. The ultimate goal. The fish could not imagine... The ocean! Do we know our ocean? Or are we about to find our river's destiny in a waterfall. One we fell into in our ignorance.

Water "Bending" Guide 2: Push and Pull

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Now water deals with constant flow. Which means you must be in a state of flow as well. Concentrate on having your energy flow through your body (chuckras) and not stop the flow. Now allow your emotions to flow. Now pour energy into a water source, and try to fuse it with the water Now try to make the energy come back to you, and then away from you. Eventually, you should see some waves, even if small. Eventually you'll be able to create significant waves, draw water far inland, ect. This takes practice