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Pre-historic "Wolfman"

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 Scientist in France(Paleoanthropologists) found a 7 feet tall, prognathous jaw with razor sharp canine teeth, andvertical, pointy eared skeleton. I think this is perrty interesting and wanted to put it on the site.

Also, Merry Christmas and a Happy New years. See you soon ;D

Forgotten questions.

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 There were some once-popular question that I just wanted to touch base on.

Q. Who would win in a fight, werewolf or vamp?

A. The outcome is as variable as two non-vamps or ww fighting. We both had our advantages and disadvantages, but their is no "superior race".

Q. Are ww's cursed? Or evil?

A.  Weres are just like people, there are good ones and bad ones. As for the cursed thing? Yes, we are cursed. Cursed of not knowing what our history is, why we are like the way we are now, and how many weres are left. We are cursed of ignorance.

 Q. Are there any ww hunters left?

A.  No. There aren't any werewolf hunters, and if there are its a small number. The worst you'd have to deal with is some wanna-be werewolf hunter who thinks its cool.

Q.  Do silver bullets kill werewolves?

A.  Yup. Silverbullets can kill us. Not because they are silver, but because they are bullets. Tend to stay away from them in general.

Q. Do vampires and werewolves hate each other?

A. *snort*, my best friend/dream-girl is a vampire.

 Q. If vampires and ww exist, are there other creatures too?

A. I couldn't say for sure, I currently am limited to the vampire and werewolf theory, but if you could easily convince me otherwise.

 But yeah those are about it, hopefully I can find some other ones. Also, I will be posting a shifting videos in the werewolf thread. They have to be YOUR VIDEOS. I'll probably do some shifting test and put them up there for fun.....



vampire myths and facts

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 ok these are all the myths of vampires ive gathered up, and the facts.

* Garlic is dangerous to when it comes to vampires

uh, duh! everyone knows that after you get a whiff of a vampires breath after he/she just ate some garlic cheese chicken, and ZAP! dead. you've been warned =D. no im jk. vampire is completely harmless to most vamps

* Vampires can not  see their reflection in the mirror.

NOT TRUE, they can easily see there reflection, and i don't know who was stupid enough to come up with this myth.

*Real vampires are undead

I guess i would totaly rethink on my love for pwning zombies then....

*Vampires can only drink blood/ die if they don't

No, they just get noticably weaker and they CAN eat " human" food

*vampires are aliens


*vampires burst into flames upon sunlight

No that would be hilarious, but not true, vampires are just more sensitive than usual

*vampires are rock hard and stone cold(twilight)

No way is that true, there is a possiblity that their body temp is a little lower than humans......

  *A vampire need to be invited to walk into a place

that would be WAY to obvious in the modern day? could you imagine a vampire asking if he could come inside his jobplace everyday?

Well, thats all the myths for now. I will definetly update this blog every once and a while, if you have any myths tell me! i could use them. Also i have some OLD blogs that you could check out, just go to the blogs page and scroll down till you see "older blogs". Signing out


vampires and pyschic energy

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as a vampire, you are going to be very talented in mental energy ablilties, ww are mostly about taking energy and aplling it to pyschical things. you should focus on improving your energy sheilds and using them for feeding( ive heard some vampire reduce the crave for blood by feeding pyschicly). you will probaly have talent at mind too. be careful of injurying yourself(mentally) tho. a very cool aspect of mental energy is that you can actually attack someone energy and mind, same thing around.  by doing this you can put it to use by keeping a tailing slayer in confusion, or weariness.( mentallt attacking someone makes them tired, confused, dizzy, or even if talented, headaches). everyone can use energy, some or just better equiped to use it, so that means a slayer  can reverse it on you, thats why its important to practice your energy sheilds.

slayers and hunters

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vampire slayers

vampire slayers are people, as you can guess, that slay vampires. ive heard that nowdays they only slay vampires that go around murdering people, that does not mean all of them do not slay just to kill. vampire slayers usally  would try to kill a vampire with something, non- tracable, so don't think if someone has a gun, or sword that means they can't be a vampire slayer. slayers  work in groups or organizations, irdk( i really don't know). i will try to gather as accurate info as possible on slayers.oh, also vampire slayers are extremely clever, so watch out.

werewolf hunters

werewolf hunters are alot more brutal than vampire slayers, vampire hunters will tend to be sly and cautious, and if things get out of hand, may abandon the objective. ww hunters are like" fu** that!! im going toe blast some ww heads off with me shotguan!!:mad:" lol. they are vicious and most times will put their life on the line to eliminate you and your family, no joke. they ususlly won't be as sly and clever as  slayers, but cover that in brutalness, use your wits to help you advoid fatal conflicts( such as giving  the mental hospital a anyonmous call, telling them that that person is a crazy pyscho path trying to kill you, most cases that person will be taken care of) speaking of this, a while.... ago... in washinghton.... where i am now.... someone was taken for a mental check because they were swing a sword around claiming they were a ww slayer.......:|

the REAL vampire

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ok, since the vampire part was starting to look  at little bare heres some more info: real vampires dont have "fangs" like those huge fangs you see on movies and shit. they have pointy/kinda sharp teeth but not fangs. real vamps also dont sleep in coffins or whatever they say. real vampires are also NOT undead or immortal. they eat human food too. they also are faster than average humans(and stronger(and maybe smarter)).  real vampires cannot die from the heat, they just get headaches,dizzyness, dehydradtion,etc. real vampires do eat human food and won't die if they dont drink human blood, they just get weakened. real vampires and thats it pretty much on vampires, any questions plz post them on the vampire forum ^.~

about vampires

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Yes I have a couple vamp friends, and they are NOT evil, well maybe one....(lol, R.G) they are actually some of my closet friends and though we my tease each other, vampire and ww can exist side-by-side very comfortably. Real vampires are (like ww) able to control energy and have pyschic powers. They get their blood though "donors" people willling to give them blood, NOT going around  attacking people. My vampire friend is very talented at seeing the future(and for privacy reasons I will not give out any personal info on my friends without their permission). vampires are like all people: some sre friendly and some are asses. The guy on this site is a vampire and has pretty decent info even if he acts like the king of the world......