Everyone, chill your shit.

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Yeah, I locked the forums. They're unlocked now, but I did that so I could clean up all the shit that Doc left behind. Sorry that I wasn't on it sooner, I was just out enjoying the holidays with my family. Now that I'm back, though, I'll take care of it.

My family was slain by a werewolf pack and other important shit

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My family really wasn't slain by a werewolf pack, but I know that many of you must think that I have some kind of deep-seated grudge against werewolf packs. Maybe I wanted to be in one, and I got roughly declined. Maybe I wanted my own and could never manage the time. Mabye they just stole my favorite Beyblade when I was a kid, and I never got over it.

I will assure you that this is not the case. While I do have a sort of Harrison Bergeron campaign going on against werewolf packs on this site, it is not for any personal reasons. I promise. The reason why I am so against the talk of packs is because, well, people advertise their packs. In my honest opinion, packs should not be a thing that should be shown off across the interwebs as some sort of supernatural-trophy. Not only is it insulting to people who are actually dedicated to their packs, it is also counterproductive to the whole idea of a "pack." Do you see wolves going around flashing off their pack status to as many other wolves as they can? Do they come back from a nice hunt and howl, "Lol, look at us we have so many pack members!!!11! Beware other packs! We're taking ur moose!"

Of course not. So why does it seem like every Sally and John has a werewolf pack that they just can't wait to show off? Werewolf packs are meant to be a family, and while I don't know about you, I'm rather reluctant to have an obnoxiously large family-- I can barely stand them as it is already sometimes.

Which brings me to another point: What happened to those popular internet packs that everyone was so fond of to join?

I'm talking about sites like Razgriz. Last I heard, it crashed and burned because of stupid internet drama and is currently recuperating from the plague we know as posers. That just goes to show that internet packs are NOT good for legit, progressive werewolf sites. They tend to create unnecessary drama and take away from the focus at hand. I refuse to let my site end up like that.

Now that I have finished explaining why I don't allow packs on this site (bar a specified forum discussion) I would like to talk about some other stuff that has been on my mind. I have decided to start up with my werewolf research, and I am going to put together another werewolf survey. I really dislike doing surveys because they are statistic based, and we all know what they say about statistics (80% of statistics say that statistics are worthless) since a topic like werewolves is kinda hard to put in survey format, but It's not like I have any other options at the moment, and I'm not going to sit here and dwindle my thumbs while I wait for more concrete information. Progress is progress.

And with this, I end my first true blog in a while.

Site update

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I know the site has been kinda dead lately, and I apologize for not keeping on top of things as I usually do. I am moving into a different place on Thursday, and HSA's (High School Assessments) are coming up. All this is temporary though, and once it is over I'll be up to my usual crazy stuff.

Site clean-up soon

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With a lot of new members joining, I have noticed that there has been a spike in blog interest. Because of some of the blogs being older, I am going to go through and give all the old ones a nice cleansweep. Most blogs are still accurate in information, but some of them could have their grammar improved, and some of them are slightly out of date (Information is always changing!) I hope everyone continues to enjoy the site, and that you all benefit from the information.

Starting up Shifting Trials again.

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As some of you probably realized, I stopped the infamous Shifting Trials. I had actually stopped them because I felt that I just wasn't ready. I felt like I was going through the motions of shifting, and not actually the shifts. But after weeks of  finding my self, I know I am ready to start back up again. I have also decided to find the time to really be dedicated to this site, and getting it up and running again. We have over 100 members, so I don't see any reason for why it is as silent as it is right now. If you are one of those "silent lurker" members, please, be active! This is a site for werewolves, vampires, therians, and everyone else with an open mind. It was great to be able to come on the site and hear unique experiences from other people on this site. I've always believed that each person has a story to tell.

Are you a werewolf?

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Gah, please disregard everything you are about to read on this blog post. This post is outdated and while it may be accurate in some ways, it also needs a lot of brushing up on. I will post a new one and delete this in order to stop the confusion. Thank you.


So I am taking these "signs' from research I have done, and giving you an idea of if you are a werewolf. Please note that just because you have the signs does not mean you are a werewolf. Just likely.

The first sign is your hearing. Your hearing will, of course, be very good. But here's what posers don't realize. Werewolves are often slow on proccessing what someone is saying. Humans( hate that term) usually speak too slow for weres to just pick up, so often we have to stop and think about what they are saying. Because of this, weres are more likely to be fast speakers because of the delay in sound we are used to hearing. Things will also sound a LOT closer than they are as well.

On to our eyes. Our eyesight can vary a lot, but most weres tend to have excellent night vision. A lot of weres have hazel,  eyes that change color, a dark ring around the iris,  and quite frankly, very sexy eyes.

Our sense of smell is extraordinary. Some weres are just suddenly attracted to humans, and crave blood and/or meat. If you don't craze it, you will most likely like the smell or taste.

Almost all weres have a deep connection with music, and it deeply effects us. All weres often  have crazy, unbelievably realistic, or meaningful dreams/ nightmares and can easily remember them.

All weres have very sharp teeth and canines.( I often get mistaken for a vampire *rolls eyes*)

A lot of weres are energy users, but often don't realize it lol. We are easily effected by weather for several reasons and  are somewhat anti-social.

Our nails grow at a similar pace to a human's, but the strength of the nail is much more.(If you don't bite them) Our hair grows rapidly, of course. We also have an "innerwolf" which is kinda like the wolf side of you. Its confusing if you don't understand what I'm talking about, but if you don't, you're probably not a werewolf.

Our bodies are naturally lean, and we tend to get stronger quicker than normal, but be careful of letting your body weaken. Weres should always be fit or our bodies and senses get weak and sluggish.


Sorry for me being such a lazy ass and not getting this up sooner.If you got all of these signs right, there is a 95% chance that you are a werewolf. But that doesn't even explain what type of werewolf you are,etc. My next plan is to study ww blood and find a concrete way to know if you are a werewolf.

( To clear things up, of course I am missing a bunch of things about werewolves and I will constantly update this post.)







my speech on

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so i havent been on in a while but i had to say this. vampires are not our enimies. its respect. we werewolfs have been around for AGES, and still we are considered nothing more than "deranged lunatics, who are way over there heads". dont believe me? i went to a vampire website several days ago, and they think werewolf's are total "bullsparkle" now whats got me pissed is, how can they say that vamps are real, and ww are not?! thats like saying aliens are real and bigfoot is not. so i was extremely insulted, but i couldnt really speak my mind or i would have got banned, in fact the whole topic of that disscusion was in the "posers" forum. as a united race, we cant just sit back and watch our pride and rep get constantly shot down. we need to reach out. some of you who say this are like " yeah ill reach out, ok" but you dont really do anything. SPREAD THE FACTS. the world is a mansion, we cant just sit cooped up into a closet for enternity, we need to go to the air vents and CIRCULATE. if you want to help my facebook is kaream reid, and my email is [email protected](illl post my cell later maybe) lets show the everyone that we arent just a bunch of dumb, lunatic beast. so what will you do ? i cant do this alone. my website is www. if you're interested

1st aniversary!!!! happy new year

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hey just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year( a little late for that....) and im looking for to the camping trip. and haley.... anyway im glad that i made this sight, its really uplifting. still got a ton of stuff i wanna and on but im getting there... just keep your heads up. kick ass(when needed) get good grades(kevin) and live life enjoying yourslef and partyin(haley). lets get goin!! =D 

Site Expiration Warning

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I understand that the site is now giving an expiration warning. I'm currently talking to to fix it. Here's the post I sent them: I've been using since Jul 10, 2010. That's five years of service. I've been through the handful of updates and never had a major issue. A year ago, I had fifty dollars to spare, and so I decided to upgrade my website to premium. My site wasn't getting a huge amount of traffic, but I figured that it would be a nice way to celebrate its anniversary and the members who were active. I didn't know if I was going to keep the upgrade indefinitely, but I figured I could always revert back after the year passed. Flash forward to today. I get an email saying that I have to renew my premium service or else "the content will be removed and [your] website will not be accessible to visitors." I'm surprised when I first read this because I assumed that my cancelled service would just be the cancellation of my extra benefits and not the original site. I read the conditions a little more, and I find out that all I have to do is remove the premium package stuff. Fine. I can do that. Not an issue. Except I never changed anything. I put up a page for a chatroom, but that was before the upgrade, unless I'm mistaken. Everything else stayed the same. I have proof of this with If you put my website address on their wayback machine, it will give you a capture of my site on a particular date. There are dozens of captures with the free version of my site having all nine pages (Homepage, Blogs, Forums, Photos, Videos, Guestbook, Links, Members, and Calendar) before I upgraded. That was what I expected my website to go back to, and that is all I'm asking. I just want my website to go back to how it was when it was free. That shouldn't be too much to ask. I'm sure the technicians can look at my website and verify that it hasn't been changed from what it was when it was free. If I realized that I was going to be punished for actually upgrading the site I would have just kept the free version I've used all those years. But because I'm downgrading back to the free version I'm actually losing all the content I already had. The only reason why I didn't renew the premium package this year was because I felt my site didn't have enough traffic to make it worth it. Once the interest picked up again I was going to renew it. After this though, I'm not sure I want anything to do with webs. I'm being punished for giving you a year's worth of my money. If my problem can be fixed, I would greatly appreciate it. Again, all I want is for my website to return to the way it was when it was free. My website's url is: Please respond as soon as you can. At the worst, we might lose the chatroom. But it won't be the end of everything. Sorry if this caused any worry; I was just about to get active again and then this pops up. Just give it a week to clear, if that.