slayers and hunters

Posted by Szayel on July 10, 2010 at 6:36 PM

vampire slayers

vampire slayers are people, as you can guess, that slay vampires. ive heard that nowdays they only slay vampires that go around murdering people, that does not mean all of them do not slay just to kill. vampire slayers usally  would try to kill a vampire with something, non- tracable, so don't think if someone has a gun, or sword that means they can't be a vampire slayer. slayers  work in groups or organizations, irdk( i really don't know). i will try to gather as accurate info as possible on slayers.oh, also vampire slayers are extremely clever, so watch out.

werewolf hunters

werewolf hunters are alot more brutal than vampire slayers, vampire hunters will tend to be sly and cautious, and if things get out of hand, may abandon the objective. ww hunters are like" fu** that!! im going toe blast some ww heads off with me shotguan!!:mad:" lol. they are vicious and most times will put their life on the line to eliminate you and your family, no joke. they ususlly won't be as sly and clever as  slayers, but cover that in brutalness, use your wits to help you advoid fatal conflicts( such as giving  the mental hospital a anyonmous call, telling them that that person is a crazy pyscho path trying to kill you, most cases that person will be taken care of) speaking of this, a while.... ago... in washinghton.... where i am now.... someone was taken for a mental check because they were swing a sword around claiming they were a ww slayer.......:|

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Reply Silent Shadows
4:00 PM on July 26, 2010 
Hahaha they are all clever beleave me. Some want you to think they are not clever and thats when they get you. Just becarful bc we all get watched by one thing or a nother no mader what you are. Its just what they plan to do to you is the thing ;)
Reply eclipse
9:48 PM on August 30, 2010 
true dat!