vampires and pyschic energy

Posted by Szayel on July 10, 2010 at 6:52 PM

as a vampire, you are going to be very talented in mental energy ablilties, ww are mostly about taking energy and aplling it to pyschical things. you should focus on improving your energy sheilds and using them for feeding( ive heard some vampire reduce the crave for blood by feeding pyschicly). you will probaly have talent at mind too. be careful of injurying yourself(mentally) tho. a very cool aspect of mental energy is that you can actually attack someone energy and mind, same thing around.  by doing this you can put it to use by keeping a tailing slayer in confusion, or weariness.( mentallt attacking someone makes them tired, confused, dizzy, or even if talented, headaches). everyone can use energy, some or just better equiped to use it, so that means a slayer  can reverse it on you, thats why its important to practice your energy sheilds.

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Reply Lof o ti reigno
2:26 AM on December 11, 2012 
hmm.. psychics :/
slayer? i wonder who would want to be a slayer :(
and also psychic attacks huh? don't know about them, all i know about psychics is about telling the future, talking to spirits. that's all i heard about it, not that i actually know about info about these stuff since the whole psychic thing is really confusing to me :/