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Posted by Arcover on July 2, 2014 at 7:20 PM

Very recently I've been trying to accept my new role as "werelion". I suppose the term "chimera" or "mutt" still applies to what I am but when I think of it it's easier to call myself a werelion. I am a werelion.

Let me explain... I haven't really called myself  a "werewolf" in years but it took me a while to understand why I would feel a wolf-ish connection. I am a pack creature. I do act like a bear sometimes. These things are true and my nature does match with the natures of those animals on a minute scale. But I am a lioness. I've always been one and I've known about my connection to felines for a while. 

I am a lioness but there is something about wereism that makes me not normal like the usual lion shifter. I am a lion that looks a little different and acts a little different. I have a pack like nature that doesn't 100% coincide with the pride-nature lions have. It's like I have a sort of taint in me that alters me. Weres tend to be darker creatures than other animal people anyway. We prey on all types of energy including blood and life energies as well as meat. We have a bloodlust and a huge amount of energy at our disposal that makes us uniquely "were". We thrive and feed on energy from other creatures and sex and violence. These traits aren't exactly things that animals experience in the wild and that is what can makes us different from the usual animal shifter. We're just darker creatures deep down ( though many young weres take time to unlock that part of their nature). 

I think my "taint" is what makes me different. It's just what I am. I am a were. So I am a lion but an altered lion. Just like The Wolfman is a wolf but an altered wolf. Watch the movies, he doesn't shift to look just like a wolf and he has a drive to do things  that don't come natural to wolves in the wild. It's the human factor that does it I think, or maybe something older, I don't know. Whatever it is it just adds depth to the creature in question...

So there, I am a werelion. But when you think of me don't think of a normal lioness in the wild. I am a creature. A lion-beast. And even more interesting is that I'm a white-werelion that like snow. Just like the American Lions of prehistoric times. As if I couldn't be any more unusual...  So there it is. Werelion. Good stuff.

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Reply Eshtar
7:10 PM on July 25, 2014 
me and you are so much alike its not even funny.
Reply Wolfee, Fangs
5:34 PM on October 23, 2015 
im not dark?