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Posted by Arcover on December 19, 2014 at 12:35 AM

Spending time with my pride has really helped me over the past few months since we came together. I don't quite remember when we formed our merry band but it was sometime earlier this year, and we're not a physical pride but there's still something personal about our friendship. I didn't know cats could work so well together, even though all of us are so diverse and mostly solitary in nature. It's like we belong together like this. Like when young adult humans come together in close groups, but we're all werecats.

Being with the others gives me perspective. We weres spend so much time online that we can become separated from who we are in real life. The people we are when we type away at each other and talk about shifting and supernatural things...sometime those people aren't who we really are. We become someone different when we spend too much time online. Our perspective changes. Things that aren't important take up all our time. We aren't the same. We split ourselves between the humans we are when we're off line and the were-beasts we are when we're online. It almost creates a false reality for us by separating the two halves of us like that. But skyping with the pride is different. When we come together we are both weres and normal people at the same time. Mostly we're just a bunch of goofball kids. We weres act different when we have to see each other face to face. The person on the other end gets to see your face and hear you talk. They see how 'normal' you look, they hear your cadence when you speak and you become real to them. And in becoming real to them you become real to yourself. Your were-self isn't some alias on the internet anymore it's all you. The person on the other end can see you as a human and as a were now, there is no separating the two... and the more of you hang out together the more you realize that you all really are just a bunch of young hooligans haha. A bunch of kids with great potential and great power, but still a group of teens/young adults who probably prefer playing and goofing off over most other things. Which is where we should be since that's what young adult animals tend to do in the wild. Adult in body. Child at heart. 

I've realized that I am a pokemon playing, sketchbook toting, sleep lovig, big-dreams-having young adult, first. Whether I'm a lion young adult or a human young adult doesn't matter, I'm a young adult on all fronts. And I'm an apex predator second. Online we like to think of ourselves as these big powerful animals that can crush puny mortals, which we are, but that isn't who we are. It's just apart of what we are. 'Who' comes first. For some reason I knew that already but experiencing it feels different. Like an epiphany, where something that previously seemed insignificant has become vital. Shifting comes easier for me now that I've spent more time with the pride. I'm learning to be who I am in front of others like me and that somehow allows what I am to come through more clearly. Having a group of others who I know and talk to face to face helps my frame of mind. And right now, despite how much I can feel like a bad ass winter lion descended from royalty and entitled to all that I survey, I'm still just a kid trying to learn to be an adult. And I'm ok with that. 

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Reply Eshtar
1:55 PM on December 29, 2014 
you know I like what you say. i MIGHT be a Bear and I was watching a Bear monster quest thing yesterday and how Bears are very feared powerfull ect. so IF I am a brown bear ya bears are powerfull but to not let that pride in yourself take over. It is nice to do things offline and be like everyone else. Even though we are NOT like everyobne else. Bears are in fact alot like Cats are solitary but in a way they have a hierarchy when there are other bears around. there is an Alpha Bear if you will lol never knew that until a few weeks ago. But they do not form packs ect. But there is a donminant in that specific area at least until over thrown by another Bear. ok anyway ytes offline is great to be yourself being on comops alot is not good for anyone. I know I should REALLY practice what i preach but hey budget and winter don't help lol. But I do get off of facebook ect and sit back and watch a movie or something. (I just woke up so tell me if I am making any sence lol) All in all you show a very good perspective.
Reply nick
6:05 PM on February 22, 2015 
It sounds like your a group of peoples who I can enjoy a beer with
Reply Arcover
6:30 PM on February 22, 2015 
Definitely Nick, unfortunately I'm the oldest in that group at 22 so there aren't many of them that can drink legally. One of them is 21 but that's about it. Though I guess that didn't stop me as a teenager haha!
Reply nick
7:23 PM on February 22, 2015 
True DAT as much I hate laws but I have to fallow them =p
Reply Mercury
10:19 PM on November 12, 2015 
I never thought to do a skype chat! That's absolutely brilliant! I feel like if a group of wolves did this or you let some other species in it would help so many people! I've felt alone for so long, and this kind of this never occured to me. *Currently banging my head against the wall.
Reply Kodiak
10:12 AM on April 24, 2016 
Arcover says...
Definitely Nick, unfortunately I'm the oldest in that group at 22 so there aren't many of them that can drink legally. One of them is 21 but that's about it. Though I guess that didn't stop me as a teenager haha!

Just reading through and notice the comments. Just know I'm twenty-eight, and my job makes me more than willing to have a drink once in a while.
Reply Emberscarlet
12:08 AM on December 31, 2016 
James Wolf says...

LOL you are such a liar dude!