Scouting (part 2)

Posted by Arcover on May 28, 2015 at 2:10 PM

So I've mentioned that I'm a 'scouter' when it comes to going to new places and scoping out the supernatural environment there. I went out and lived in Colorado for 5 years during college because I thought going out there would help me find more supernaturals. Also Colorado is known for its wild wide open natural places, so I thought it would be a fruitful places to go.

Turns out Colorado wasn't fruitful for me. There aren't too many weres out there or vampires or anything for that matter. There are a few therian groups but that doesn't help. So Colorado was a bust. It seems like big cities and the coasts (either the east or the west coast) are the best places to find others.

The states are smaller on the east coast and allow for a huge mixing of people throughout most of the area. Also the east has weather that I like with all 4 seasons happening at regular times throughout the year and a nice amount of water flowing in natural areas. So after Colorado I've decided to stay east for a while. I've been looking at the north mostly and like I've mentioned before I'm really interested in the New England area. There are a lot of woods and natural areas up there, it's close to Canada for the most part, and there are still places up there where I can live a successful human life with a nice job in animation/electronic art.

One thing I've noticed about finding other weres is the I need to stop looking for other weres. I know it sounds weird but hear me out...

Looking for weres online won't work. You MAY find one or two weres but they won't be in your area. Looking for a were online is like looking for a were in real life just by walking around and searching. Unless you know what url to type in or where exactly to look you won't find a were in your area. The chances of you finding a were at all is slim.

So I've come up with a new plan: It's best that instead of searching for another were, search for people who are involved with other sects of the supernatural community that are more common than weres are. EVERYONE is more common than weres but the most common people within the supernatural community, I would say, are witches, wiccans, and therians. Depending on your area there may be a large group of vampires near you...but for the most part witches, wiccans, and therians are the most common people you can find in your everyday life that are still involved in the supernatural community.

By finding those groups you can make a network of supernatural friends that stretches over a larger area than if you just made friends with the occasional were or shifter online. Within that group of witches or therians or whatever there will probably be one who knows a wolf or someone else in the area who identifies as an animal and from there if there are other weres or shifters in the area you are on the right track towards finding them.


The reason finding other supernaturals is so important is not just because some of us may be social creatures by nature. But we need that kind of energy around us to spark a shift. Being surrounded by everyday humans doing mundane activities is why so many of us haven't shifted yet. It's not that we don't have the ability. We've had the ability all our lives. But the atmospheres we are made to live in aren't suited for wild animals. Humans and wild animals cannot live in the same space, that's why humans civilize the land and put up fences and use weed killer. They primp and cultivate human supremacy over the natural world and by doing that they smother our wild nature. But finding other supernaturals, even those that aren't weres, can awaken that in us again.

It's all about energy. Being surrounded by those that have a supernatural energy makes our supernatural energy spark. They can sense it in us just like we can sense it in them and just having someone else recognize our animal energy is enough to validate who we are and awaken our inner beast. Sometimes it helps to have others to validate who and what you are, otherwise we spend our days never talking out loud about our identity and pushing it down in order to seem 'normal'.


So the scouting continues. DC is turning out to be better than Fort Collins,CO because it's got a large number of people, but still it's not ideal. Supernatural people seem to trive in places that either have a community for holistic living or have a dark underground supernatural history. Fort Collins had a community that centered around holistic living so it had a few witches and wiccans living in it. Places like New York City and New Orleans have a supernatural culture because historically those places have always had underground subcultures.

I was on the fence for a long time about whether I wanted to move to NYC but it seems like now I'll probably be going there next. Simply because that's the next best place to find supernaturals outside of the online community. I'll probably visit NYC a few times to get a really good understanding of it before I move there but that's probably my next stop. It's close enough to home, I'll find a job there, and there are supernaturals. I just worry about being a werelion surrounded by so many people...but there are places in and around NYC that have natural areas and can support a were. Along with NYC, Boston was another choice I was looking into so we'll see how that goes.


If all else fails I'm an adult in her 20's, if I want to move again I can just move to another state and get another apartment and another job. That's what young people do right? It's not like I have a house with a mortgage or kids or anything like that to keep me in one place. So even though I have my reservations about NYC I'll go there. As a city girl I enjoy NYC and I know at some point in my life I'll live there anyway, and as a were I'll figure it out and make it work. I'm sure I won't be the only supernatural person there trying to make a living in NYC.

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Reply nick
3:46 AM on May 29, 2015 
Let me know if you are in Syracuse NY
Reply Arcover
10:43 PM on May 29, 2015 
nick says...
Let me know if you are in Syracuse NY

For sure! I have a few friends in different parts of NY and I definitely want to visit upstate NY since that's where all the beautiful nature is.
Reply nick
10:50 PM on May 31, 2015 
Yeah buddy
Reply Eshtar
7:37 PM on June 12, 2015 
though just going and finding another job now adays is NOT easy. I have limmitations and challenges and so i have been unemplyed for over 4 years and no one yet has hired me to this day. Cities are VERY expencive for homes not to be a downer my husband grew up in MD. The cheapest appartment was in a bad part of Baltimor for almsot 1000$ It was in the $800s. I do wish you luck.
Reply Arcover
8:39 PM on June 12, 2015 
Eshtar says...
though just going and finding another job now adays is NOT easy. I have limmitations and challenges and so i have been unemplyed for over 4 years and no one yet has hired me to this day. Cities are VERY expencive for homes not to be a downer my husband grew up in MD. The cheapest appartment was in a bad part of Baltimor for almsot 1000$ It was in the $800s. I do wish you luck.

I'll need it. Rent in DC is so high I'm glad I at least live here with family so I don't have to pay for that. $1000 is cute for rent compared to some of these apartments :/ I'm not worrying about it though. I have a skill set that will bring in money and I'm young and ready to get out there and be awesome and such. Just have to work hard!
Reply sake
4:25 PM on February 7, 2016 
let me know if you travel to chicago!
Reply Eshtar
11:59 PM on May 27, 2016 
I agree with alot of this. When I am with my feline Therian friend (one of the rare open minded knows physical shifting exists type) i often feel much more like the cat i am and just like with my husband, I don't NEED to hide myself. It makes things so much easier when your around *non* humans. at least the non mundane types. Portland, OR has alot of that non human energy. at least that is what it feels like when I am there.
Reply Eshtar
12:02 AM on May 28, 2016 
O and another common one is Otherkin. I am apart of that group as well that despite being a Were I am also Otherkin (I would say Elven) on a more deeper level basis. But with otherkin it depends on who you talk to. MANY do not believe in any physical aspect to being a Were. Most are very very similar to the Therian Mindset. That us Weres just DO NOT exist. That only Therians and otherkin exist because that is spiritual or mental based. so ya.. it all depends on who you talk to online or off.