Forgotten questions.

Posted by Szayel on October 4, 2011 at 6:40 PM

 There were some once-popular question that I just wanted to touch base on.

Q. Who would win in a fight, werewolf or vamp?

A. The outcome is as variable as two non-vamps or ww fighting. We both had our advantages and disadvantages, but their is no "superior race".

Q. Are ww's cursed? Or evil?

A.  Weres are just like people, there are good ones and bad ones. As for the cursed thing? Yes, we are cursed. Cursed of not knowing what our history is, why we are like the way we are now, and how many weres are left. We are cursed of ignorance.

 Q. Are there any ww hunters left?

A.  No. There aren't any werewolf hunters, and if there are its a small number. The worst you'd have to deal with is some wanna-be werewolf hunter who thinks its cool.

Q.  Do silver bullets kill werewolves?

A.  Yup. Silverbullets can kill us. Not because they are silver, but because they are bullets. Tend to stay away from them in general.

Q. Do vampires and werewolves hate each other?

A. *snort*, my best friend/dream-girl is a vampire.

 Q. If vampires and ww exist, are there other creatures too?

A. I couldn't say for sure, I currently am limited to the vampire and werewolf theory, but if you could easily convince me otherwise.

 But yeah those are about it, hopefully I can find some other ones. Also, I will be posting a shifting videos in the werewolf thread. They have to be YOUR VIDEOS. I'll probably do some shifting test and put them up there for fun.....



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